Ongoing Meisner avec Larry Silverberg

Septembre 2010


The “Ongoing Meisner” workshop is specifically designed to take the actors who have worked with Larry to the next level.

For the previous beginners group, we will continue the work started with repetition and activities and strive towards mastery of the ability to work with deep personal meaning and, at the same time, becoming completely available and instinctually responsive to ones partner in every moment.
The ability to fully do something, at 100 percent, is the mark of a great artist and it is also quite rare. In this three week master class, students at every level of experience, will concentrate on the skills of being absolutely unwavering in the “attempt to accomplish”.
Through a series of exciting and demanding exercises, you will be empowered in your ability to bring yourself to every moment with a total and complete commitment to what you are doing, to deepen your personal need to do it and, at the same time, never losing your availability to your partners and the world around you. 

In addition, the more advanced students will focus on strengthening the emotional instrument so that you can fulfill the needs of the script whatever the demands placed on you may be. You will be learning many creative and healthy ways of truthfully realizing the moments in the script that place huge and vast emotional demands on you.
You will also be gaining very specific methods of personalizing the journey of the character and how to find the humanity in every character you play.